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My name is Sue Jennett and I have a podcast called “A Canadian Celiac Podcast”.  On the podcast we talk about everything celiac and gluten free.  This blog is meant to be a companion to the podcast.  I share what I was thinking when I booked a guest, when we were recording the podcast, or my thoughts after the discussion.

I have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease for over 20 years.  My young daughter was diagnosed not long after.  Once my daughter had to eat gluten free with me, it was time to step up my game.  We were living outside of Canada, and gluten free anything was hard to come by.  I became a baker, a pretty good gluten free baker.  On our return to Canada, we somehow expected that good gluten free food would be in abundance.  No such luck.  I continued to bake.  I set up a gluten free bakery and operated it in different forms for more than 10 years.  I also became the president of our local Canadian Celiac Association chapter.

After closing the bakery, I started a gluten free baking television show on YourTV cable.  The show is filmed in my kitchen and has now finished the second season.  You can see portions of the show on YouTube at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sqcv3V-H-iA&list=PLUVGfpD4eJwwSc_YjkGagza06yYe3ApzL . I also have a website with my recipes and other helpful information at www.suesgluenfreebaking.com .

Operating a gluten free business made me very aware of what people struggle with, what the concerns of businesses are, and what role the Canadian Celiac Association can play in the lives of those with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten intolerance.  My diet is the gluten free diet. Through thick and thin (literally gaining and losing weight), I’ve been very happy with my diet.

I’m hoping my experience and connections within the celiac/gluten free world will help others on their journey.  Thanks for listening, and thanks for reading.

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